Dokkhuset: Spectral and microtonal music

Doors: 09:45

10:00 - 12:00

  • Hild Borchgrevink: What is spectral music? – About Grisey's Partiels

In her lecture, Hild Borchgrevink will give a broad overview of spectral music as well as focus on Grisey's Partiels, whcih is considered to be one of spectral music's central works.

  • Concert: Økofanfare (Lasse Thoresen), performed by Trine Knutsen (flute)
  • Hild Borchgrevink in conversation with Lasse Thoresen: Spectral music and microtonal music in Norwegian contemporary music

Lasse Thoresen was, together with professorial colleague Olav Anton Thommessen, the first Norwegian to establish contact with the french spectral music scene. Through his acquaintances with Tristan Murail and Gérard Grisey, he brought the first important impulses to young aspiring composers at the Norwegian Academy of Music.

– lunch break –

12:00 - 14:00

  • Ellen Lindquist presents Mantra

Ellen Lindquist has composed a piece for Indonesian gamelan and sinfonietta, where the ensemble is intonated after gamelan instruments through spectral analysis of said instruments overtones. This produces a soundscape where the intonation is in constant change, and the purity of the new intonation forms the musical core of the piece. Mantra is big in form with a low tempo, which illustrates the spiritual theme of the piece and refers to the structure of traditional gamelan music.

  • Panel discussion on microtonal musikk with Hild Borchgrevink, Lasse Thoresen and Ellen Lindquist

We conclude with a panel discussion between Borchgrevink, Thoresen and Ellen Lindquist, who has been an active composer of spectral music for Trondheim Sinfonietta amongst others.

  • Concert: Ciel étoilé (Kaija Saariaho), performed by Michael Duch (upright bass) and Espen Aalberg (percussion)