Dokkhuset: On the subject of listening

Doors: 09:45

10:00 - 12:00

  • Listening as architecture with Helge Sten and Kyrre Laastad

Helge Sten, best known under his artist alias Deathprod, is a Norwegian musician and producer. He's widely known for his productions ranging from noise, jazz, contemporary, electronic and rock, as well as his active role in Supersilent and his collaboration with Motorpsycho. In conversation with musician Kyrre Laastad (Snøskred, Jenny Hval, Trondheim Jazzorkester), he will discuss the subject of listening as architecture.

  • Listening to nature with Lee Patterson and Jana Winderen

Lee Patterson and Jana Winderen invite you to explore the subject of nature and listening. Both of them have worked with various ways to record sound underwater. What the difference is between recording and listening to sound in fresh and salt water is one of many questions that will be asked and hopefully answered in this discussion.

– lunch break –

12:00 - 14:00

  • Listening and tea tasting with Lasse Marhaug

Musician and composer Lasse Marhaug, in conversation with Michael Duch, will talk about listening and tea tasting, and what these two subjects have in common. Perhaps we'll even get a taste ourselves?

  • Four Bass Violins (Lasse Marhaug, Michael Duch, Trondheim Bassorkester)

We conclude our program at Dokkhuset with a concert, where Lasse Marhaug and Michael Duch present Four Bass Violins, a quadrophonic piece for four or more speakers and double basses. In addition to Marhaug and Duch, Trondheim Bassorkester complete the ensemble on stage.